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Adding your Customers

Follow this video or the steps below to add a customer to SpamTitan.

  1. Go to Overview and select Add.

  2. First, add the customer business name details and select Add.

  3. Next, add the Customer Administrator details:


    Additional administrators can be added at the customer level from Settings > Administrators.

    • First Name: Enter the first name of this administrator.

    • Last Name: Enter the last name of this administrator.

    • Email: Enter an email address for this administrator.

    • Link Lock Admin: Select YES to allow this administrator to enable and manage Link Lock. See Link Lock Admin.


      Link Lock is an enhancement to SpamTitan and is available after the purchase of a SpamTitan Plus license.

    • Password: Enter a password for this administrator.

    • Confirm Password: Confirm the password.

  4. Select Add to save this customer or Cancel to close the window and discard changes.

Customer Setup

After a customer account is added to SpamTitan, further setup steps must be completed so a customer can start filtering their email. This setup can be done by:

  • MSP Admin: From the side-bar menu, select the customer and drill down to the customer-level view. You can also select the view view-icon-small.jpg icon in the Actions column of the All Customers table.


    Follow the steps in SpamTitan Customer Setup.

  • Customer Admin: Once a customer is added to SpamTitan, the Customer Admin can log in at the customer level and follow the steps in SpamTitan Customer Setup.

    • Customer account credentials are input by an MSP Admin when a customer account is created. See Adding your Customers.