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MSP Overview

The Overview page gives you a summary view of activity for all your customer's domains and a list of your customers in the All Customers table.

All Protection and Filtering shows a summary of emails for all domains processed through SpamTitan over the Last 7 Days. Select Last 30 Days to show summary data for the last thirty days.

You must have added at least one domain with an active email flow to see summary data.


The Quick Actions bar allows you to quickly add a new customer or add an email to your Allow & Block List.


The Processed Messages graph shows details your mail processing over the last seven or thirty days (default: Last 7 Days).


Select and unselect the labels to add and remove an item from the graph:



Allowed IP emails are categorized under "Clean Messages".

All Customers is a list of all your customer accounts.

  • Select the view view-icon-small.jpgicon in the Actions column for a customer to drill down to the customer level to view and further manage that customer.

  • Select the edit edit-icon.jpg icon in the Actions column for a customer to edit that customer's details.

  • Select the column column-icon.jpg icon to display the All Customers table column names. Slide each on and off to view or hide a column.

See Add your Customers.