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WebTitan OTG for Windows Guide

Welcome to the WebTitan OTG for Windows Guide. OTG is our endpoint client that allows off-network roaming by users while continuing to apply their WebTitan filtering policy.

Use this guide to install WebTitan OTG for Windows.

Once installed by an administrator on a user's machine, WebTitan OTG for Windows manages the user's network DNS settings, attaching additional metadata to every DNS request sent to WebTitan. This metadata is used to identify and authenticate the DNS requests allowing content filtering to continue to work regardless of the physical location of the user.

This guide describes a command-line installation for a single-user machine install and also describes how to deploy to multiple users with Microsoft Intune. Each installation of OTG creates the following in WebTitan:

  • a device in Environment > Devices that represents the client machine on which OTG for Windows is installed, e.g. a user's laptop. A device is any entity that can be configured to send DNS requests to WebTitan for filtering per your policies.

  • a virtual location in Environment > Locations. By default, the policy applied to this location is the policy that is applied to the user.

  • a user in Environment > Users based on the Windows username on the machine it is installed on, e.g. user@USER-PC.

Watch this video for an overview of downloading and installing OTG for Windows on a single device.