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Upgrading to WebTitan Sugarloaf

If you are a WebTitan Cloud Customer that has been upgraded to WebTitan Sugarloaf, we have already been in contact with you by email. Read on for additional important information about upgrading.


Less secure usernames have been updated as part of this upgrade to email standard usernames, such as Your WebTitan username has changed if you previously logged into WebTitan Cloud using:

  • The username admin, or

  • A username that is not in the standard email format of

If you have a username of either type listed above, this changed as part of your upgrade to an email standard username, such as Your email standard username is created by combining your current username and the domain listed in your WebTitan licensing information email field at the time of upgrade.


If you previously logged in to WebTitan Cloud with the username admin, and the email field in your licensing information is, your new email standard username will become

Passwords and two-factor authentication remain the same.

Upgrading your SSL Certificates

To improve security, WebTitan SSL certificates have been upgraded to a 4096-bit format. If you previously deployed a WebTitan Cloud certificate to your endpoints, you should deploy the new WebTitan Sugarloaf certificate now to ensure your user experience is uninterrupted. If you do not deploy the new certificate, your users will not see a block page if they visit a blocked website after your upgrade.

You can update certificates anytime before your upgrade without effect on your users’ current experience. Old and new certificates can coexist without any issue.

For information on updating certificates, see