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Adding your Customers

Watch this short video for an overview, or follow the steps below for more detail on adding a customer to WebTitan.

  1. Go to Overview and select Add Customer.

  2. Enter details for this customer:

    • Account Name: Name of your customer's business. For example, Example Coffee Company.

      Customer accounts are listed alphabetically in the Customers menu. If you are managing many accounts, consider a naming convention to group customers that makes sense for your business.

    • Email: Email address associated with this customer account, for example, This is the email address a customer admin uses to log into their WebTitan account.

    • Description: A brief description of this customer account. This is a useful field for filtering and searching.

    • Password: This is the temporary password a customer admin uses to log into their WebTitan account (minimum of eight characters; must contain a letter and a number or symbol).


      This password is not visible in the UI once the customer account is added.

    • License: A license string you can assign to this customer for your own reference, for example, customer reference number. This is not your WebTitan license.

    • License Count: An optional number you can enter for this customer to record the license count purchased.

    • Timezone: The time zone associated with this customer. Using the correct time timezone ensures that Overview information is accurate.

    • Content Category Protection Level: Select a content filtering level to apply to this customer: Essential, Enhanced, Optimum or Custom.

      See Category Descriptions for a description of each category.

      The level selected is applied to the customer's default policy.


      Categories Blocked


      Anonymizer, Compromised, Criminal Skills/Hacking, Hate Speech, Phishing/Fraud, Spam, Spyware and Malicious Sites.


      Anonymizer, Compromised, Criminal Skills/Hacking, Download Sites, Hate Speech, Illegal Drugs, Online Ads, Phishing/Fraud, Pornography/Sex, Spam, Spyware and Malicious Sites, Violence.


      Alcohol, Anonymizer, Compromised, Criminal Skills/Hacking, Dating, Download Sites, Gambling, Hate Speech, Illegal Drugs, Nudity, Online Ads, Phishing/Fraud, Pornography/Sex, Spam, Spyware and Malicious Sites, Violence, Weapons.


      You can create a custom protection level in your Global Default Policy that allows or blocks access to selected categories.

      The Custom option is available when adding a customer if Custom is selected as your content filtering level from Settings > Global Default Policy.

  3. Select Add Customer to save this customer or Cancel to close the window and discard changes.

Customer Setup

After a customer account is added to WebTitan, further setup steps must be completed to allow a customer to begin filtering their web traffic. This can be done by:

  • MSP Admin: From the side-bar menu, select the customer and drill down to the customer-level view. Follow the steps in WebTitan Customer Setup.

  • Customer Admin: Once a customer is added to WebTitan, a Customer Admin can log in at the customer level and follow the steps in WebTitan Customer Setup.