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Content Filtering Level Descriptions

Content Filtering Level

Categories Included

Category Description



Web pages that promote proxies and anonymizers for surfing websites with the intent of circumventing filters.


Web pages that have been compromised by someone other than the site owner, which appears to be legitimate, but houses malicious code.

Criminal Skills/Hacking

Activities that violate human rights including murder, sabotage, and bomb-building. Information about illegal manipulation of electronic devices, encryption, misuse, and fraud. Warez and other illegal software distribution.

Hate Speech

Web pages that promote extreme right/left-wing groups, sexism, racism, religious hate and other discrimination.


Manipulated web pages and emails used for fraudulent purposes, also known as phishing.


Products and web pages promoted through spam techniques.

Spyware and Malicious Sites

Sites or software that installs on a user's computer with the intent to collect information or make system changes without the user's consent.


Blocks all categories above, plus:

Download Sites

Shareware, Freeware and other software. P2P sites and software.

Illegal Drugs

Web pages that promote the use of information of common illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs and compounds.

Online Ads

Web pages strictly devoted to advertising graphics, banners, or pop-up ad content.


Explicit sexual content unsuitable for persons under the age of 18.


Web pages that promote questionable activities such as violence and militancy.


Blocks all categories above, plus:


Web pages that promote, advocate, or sell alcohol including beer, wine and hard liquor.


Web pages that promote relationships such as dating and marriage.


Web pages that promote gambling, lotteries, casinos and betting agencies involving chance.


Web pages that display full or partial nudity with no sexual references or intent.


Web pages that include guns and weapons when not used in a violent manner.


Custom allow you to create your own custom content filtering level. For a description of all available categories, see Category Descriptions.