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WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App Guide


These instructions include information about tools that are not owned or managed by TitanHQ and are only intended as a guideline to help you. As such, the information may be subject to change without us knowing.

If you notice anything out of place, please email and let us know.

The WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App is a built-in component of DNS Proxy. It is responsible for synchronizing Azure Active Directory users and groups to DNS proxy. It regularly performs scans of the Azure sign-ins to find new sign-ins for Users. It pairs the user with the IP address of the computer/s to which they are signed in so that WebTitan Cloud can apply policies to those users.

The WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App can be configured for both cloud-based and hybrid environments. Hybrid environments include a combination of cloud-based and on-premise network servers. This document supports the steps required to use the WebTitan Azure AD Enterprise App in both environments.