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Connect and Configure a Customer Account

After a customer account has been added, it must be connected to Microsoft 365 and the necessary configuration completed. This can be done by:

  • An MSP admin with the appropriate permissions to access their customer's Azure tenant.

  • A Customer admin who has been added to the system and has received PhishTitan login credentials from their MSP admin.

A banner displays at the customer level until that customer account is connected to Microsoft 365.


Follow the steps below to connect and configure a customer account.

  1. Connect the customer account to Microsoft 365.

  2. Add a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) email address to Microsoft 365.

  3. Add a journaling rule to Microsoft 365.

  4. Does this customer use Link Lock as part of their SpamTitan service?

    • Yes: Link Lock must be disabled in SpamTitan to allow PhishTitan to process mail accurately.

      See Disable Link Lock in SpamTitan.

    • No: Continue to next step.

  5. Does this customer send outbound email through SpamTitan?