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View Campaign Details

From the Phishing Simulation Overview page, you can drill down to specific details about a campaign. For example, you can see who is enrolled in the campaign and when lures are scheduled for delivery. You can find these details by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Phishing Simulation > Overview. In the All Customers table, locate the campaign you want to view in the Campaign Name column. You can filter the results by using Search or sort the results by selecting the up/down arrows in the column name.

  2. Select the campaign to view specific details, which are displayed in a new window.


    The details are separated into two sections, the Header and the All Users table.


    • Customer: Name of your customer.

    • End date: Date on which your phishing campaign stops sending lures. If this is a Continuous Campaign, then there is no end date.

    All Users Table

    • User: Name of the individual enrolled in the phishing campaign.

    • Email: User's work email address.

    • Scheduled: Date and time that the lure was, or will be, sent.

    • Status: Indicates the status of the lure as follows:


      Lure is scheduled for delivery on the date shown in the Scheduled column.


      A lure with a status of Delivered means that it has been successfully delivered to the user's inbox.


      An Undelivered status means that an attempt was made to send the lure, but it was not successfully delivered to the user's inbox.

    • Lure clicked: The most recent date and time that the user interacted with the lure.