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Platform Release Blog


June 2024

This month sees the addition of two new features to the TitanHQ Platform!

We've added SAML SSO authentication and integrated ArcTitan UI access.


You can now configure SAML SSO in the Platform to use your existing Identity Provider as an authentication method.

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a widely used solution that supports SSO (single sign-on). SAML SSO works by passing authentication information between your existing Identity Provider and the TitanHQ Platform. This means your Identity Provider becomes the authentication method for accessing the platform, and you'll no longer need to use your username and password to log in.

Detailed steps for configuring SAML SSO are here.


Integration of ArcTitan

With the integration of ArcTitan into the TitanHQ Platform, subscribers can now access the ArcTitan UI from within the Platform with a single click, using Platform credentials.

This release allows the creation of ArcTitan MSPs (T2 accounts) and customers (T3 accounts) from within the Platform.