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Customer Mail Flow

From Configuration > Mail Flow, you can manage how mail is processed before it is delivered to a user. This includes:

  • Remediation: You can decide whether you want PhishTitan to automatically assess malicious emails and move them to junk folders or do it manually as the administrator.

  • Anti-spoof: Email spoofing is the creation of an email with a forged sender address to intentionally mislead a recipient about its origin. This setting is enabled by default, meaning that manipulated display names are checked and an alert banner is added if detected. You also have the option to disable Anti-spoof for your organization.

  • Allow List, where you can add domains and senders' email addresses to the Allow List, and reduce false positives for users.

  • Frequently Exploited Domains: You can add an alert banner to free email services. Malicious actors frequently launch phishing attacks from these services, so by adding an alert banner, you're reminding users to stay vigilant.