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Phishing Simulation MSP Overview

An MSP Admin who has signed up for the Phishing Simulation beta release, you can follow the information here to create and manage phishing campaigns for your customers.

Select Phishing Simulation > Overview to see a summary of phishing simulation activity for all your customers. Note that when you log in for the first time, the Lures Sent vs Clicked graph will not display details. You'll first need to create a campaign and enroll your customers. Then, when the campaign is active, the graph will become populated. The All Customer table also gives you a list of your customers and indicates their phishing campaign status.

The following definitions are useful as you consider the data:

  • Lures Sent vs Clicked

    This chart lets can compare the combined total of all the lures sent in your phishing campaigns to the total number of lures clicked over a specific period.

  • All Customers

    The All Customer table lets you see which of your customers are enrolled in phishing campaigns and those who are not, along with other phishing campaign details.


    Select the column column-icon.jpg icon to display the All Customers table column names. Slide each on and off to show or hide a column.

    • Customer: Name of your customer.

    • Status: Indicates which customers are enrolled in phishing campaigns and those who are not, as follows:


      If your customers are Protected, then this means they are enrolled in an active phishing campaign.


      Customers with a status of At Risk means that they are not enrolled in phishing campaigns and are at risk of phishing attacks.