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Allow List

Adding senders and domains to the Allow List is a way of minimizing false positives for users. A false positive is when a user receives an email they know is clean, but has been flagged as malicious by PhishTitan and has had a banner applied to it. You have the option of adding individual email addresses you know to be clean, or you can add entire domains.


When you add a sender's email address or a domain to the Allow List, it is not analyzed by PhishTitan and is delivered directly to the user's inbox. So be sure that the email or domain is from a trusted source.

The Allow List only exists on customer level. As a customer admin, you can go to Configuration > Allow List to view the Allow List, add a sender to the Allow List, or add a domain to the Allow List.


There is a quick action option from the MSP level to add both senders and domains to the Allow List. This can be done from the Incidents page by selecting the allow sender PT-Allow-List-Icon.jpg icon or the add domain PT-Allow-Domain-Icon.jpgicon from the Actions column.