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Add a Journaling Rule

As part of configuration, you need to create a journaling rule in Microsoft 365 to allow email flow through the PhishTitan service.

A journaling mailbox is the mailbox that receives messages that match a journaling rule's conditions. Messages matching the rule's conditions are delivered to the journaling address specified in the rule.

You have a unique PhishTitan journaling address available to you in PhishTitan to create the journaling rule.


A Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox can't be used as a journaling mailbox.

Follow the steps below to add a journaling rule for PhishTitan to Microsoft 365.

  1. From the customer level in PhishTitan, go to Settings > Connections.

  2. Under Step 2 Add a journaling rule to Microsoft 365, select More Details.

  3. Select the copy-icon.jpg icon to copy your unique journaling email address.

  4. Go to

  5. Select the ST-701-office365-add-button.jpg New rule tab.

  6. Paste the journaling email address copied in Step 3 into the Send journal reports to: field.

  7. Under Journal messages sent or received from, select Everyone.

  8. Under Type of message to journal, select All messages.

  9. In the Journal rule name: field, enter a name for this rule. For example, PhishTitan. The completed form should look as follows:

  10. Select Next.